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every people has its own tartuffery and calls it [12 Dec 2006|08:03pm]

I think I'm in love.

Good-bye, tartly succulent and sweet tartuffery.

Let me out of here, I'll hit the ground running.

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[12 Dec 2006|05:19am]
P.S. I need to do something this summer.

Mexico or a Laura Ingalls Wilder road trip. I'm writing about the Little House books as a demonstration of nineteenth century education and it's making me all nostalgic.

Loves history. Big nerd. Me.
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[12 Dec 2006|04:39am]
Laugh at yourself. When you screw yourself this much, it's really the only thing to do.

I'm optimistic and jovial. Still.
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[03 Dec 2006|04:39pm]

Just listen to the rhythm of the gentle bossanova...
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[23 Nov 2006|12:40pm]
oh yea

Happy Thanksgiving!
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[22 Nov 2006|07:04am]
I'm ready to die.

No. fucking. kidding.
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[19 Nov 2006|11:24pm]
I cannot wait until Thanksgiving Break.

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there's always going to be a ghost at the back of your closet no matter where you live [07 Nov 2006|12:20am]
[ mood | surprised ]

There's a study tour in Peru this summer...I want to go so badly, I can't explain. I can get history credits too, which is fabulous.

I've had much wanderlust lately, this summer I will be satisfied!

Having not had moderation in so many moons, it is difficult to regain.

Next semester is going to be wonderful. I'm taking Art History, History 201 (random requirement), From Russia to Revolution, and mas espanol (too lazy to use accents).

I couldn't get into the English class I wanted. Been getting more disillusioned with the English department here, which is just as well because my interest in Spanish has spiked now that I've been studying it again. I might just do the History major along with a Spanish minor...maybe a major.

"Up the Wolves" by the Mountain Goats. Love.

New life tactic--stop trying to improve myself. Live life howeva, resign myself to going to hell, which in the non-religious sense might be sucking at life and then realizing it when you'll finally regret it.

I would be down with reincarnation.

My dog was probably once a mean mean man but he can't afford to be misanthropic now because he's a dog and it's his job to pet and he wants to keep living so bites must be kept to a minimum.

Before the inanities drown you

Good night!

My mood is in regards to happy I feel!

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[30 Oct 2006|10:01pm]
If only I was quick enough to be as vivacious and fighting outwardly as I feel my mind is on the inside...I am not a broken shell of a girl. I will refuse to be.

Frisky bit another dog. The other dog's owner reported it to the county and now Ciaran's dog has to be put down.

She's so friendly and devoted. Don't dogs tend to fight sometime? They're dogs! His dog's life was in the hands of this woman and she chose to be Elmira Gulch. The Wicked Witch of the West.

The injustice is a lot for me right now.

I only wish that I was brave.

Wish in one hand and shit in the other...see which fills up first.

Just start being brave? Stop being so tentative? Say what you feel, for once? Why act aloof when you want nothing more than to flaunt your love through every pore? Why act aloof when every word that I write is purportedly sexually charged?

It's not wrong to feel.

We have to save Frisky.

I just read back over all of my entries and I've grown up so much over the past year. It's wonderful.
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[23 Oct 2006|05:12pm]


Really warm face.

Love. Love will tear us apart. Again.

Don't you want to yip sometimes?
I wish I wanted to yip always.
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[22 Oct 2006|09:18pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


Moody and sleep deprived.


Now I complete 4 IPSA classes and it's like I never did something really stupid. Or something really fun without caution.

And I've learned a lesson about procrastination that I shan't forget, which is why I've started my history paper due in December. To be fair, it's 20 pages and I have no idea where to start and don't know why I thought it would be fun to take a 400 level history class.

Oh yea, cause I'm slacking and only taking three classes.

I need a nail file.

Love to all!

P.S. Here are answers to song meme if anyone still cares.

1. Weezer - Buddy Holly
2. Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
3. They Might Be Giants - I've Got a Fang
4. The Beatles - Act Naturally
5. No Doubt - Hey You
6. Operation Ivy - Sound System
7. The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?
8. Madonna - Vogue
9. Pixies - The Sad Punk
10. Neutral Milk Hotel - The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 2 & 3 (it's from the part where you can't really understand what ole Jeff is saying)
11. Super Furry Animals - Golden Retriever
12. Queen - Seaside Rendezvous
13. The White Stripes - I Wanna Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart
14. Incubus - Drive
15. The Cardigans - Lovefool
16. Belle and Sebastian - A Summer Wasting
17. The Smiths - Frankly, Mr. Shankly
18. Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World (ooooooh yeaaaaaah)
19. Beulah - A Good Man Is Easy to Kill
20. The Who - Pinball Wizard

Good show all!

long time since surveys have happened/stolen from FiliCollapse )

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[18 Oct 2006|10:37pm]
And you gotta ask yourself...what will freaking out do?

Remaining calm.
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[08 Oct 2006|10:13pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Guess the title/artist of these randomly generated songs from me shuffle!

Don't cheat.

1. "Oh, no, what do we do? Don't look now but I lost my shoe!"
2. "Then we think of our parents...well what the hell ever happened to them?"
3. "Girlfriend took me to her dad...didn't like me because I look so bad."
4. "We'll make the scene about a man that's sad and lonely and begging down upon his bended knee. I'll play the part and I won't need pretending..."
5. "I know you're waiting for your ship to come in, you anxiously wait for such a long time."
6. "Contained in my music somehow more than just sound/This inspiration coming and twisting things around/Because you always know that its gonna have to go/You always know that you'll be back in the cold."
7. "You realize the sun doesn't go down/It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round"
8. "Strike a pose, there's nothing to it"
9. "it was a long time ago, could have happened to anyone"
10. "the world it goes and all awaits the day we are awaiting"
11. "she's got powers, magnetic devours you of everything you've got"
12. "I feel like dancing in the rain/Can I have a volunteer?/Just keep right on dancing/What a damn jolly good idea/It's such a jollification as a matter of fact/So 'tres charmant!' my dear!"
13. "It feels like everything I say is a lie/And never have I felt like such a jerk/I'm afraid to even open my eyes"
14. "And I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear take the wheel and steer."
15. "Reason will not reach a solution/I will end up lost in confusion/I don't care if you really care/as long as you don't go"
16. "But if the summer's wasted how come that I could feel so free?"
17. "I want to live and I want to love...I want to catch something that I might be ashamed of."
18. "bright blessed days, dark sacred nights"
19. "I made a wish for you /Blew out the sun so it'd come true /But the sun froze along with your heart"
20. "But I just handed my PIN-BALL CROWN to him!"

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[30 Sep 2006|05:04pm]
Make life wonderful!
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Awesome Book Meme! [11 Jul 2006|06:41pm]

CONCLUSION: I must needs read more. I think that's why I have trouble doing it quite often, it's come strange competition with myself. It's sick. It makes me hate books. Though I can't put this one down.
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[30 May 2006|11:17pm]
I really love my body right now.

I haven't had a cig in two days. Scared that when I quit for good all that stomach fat will come back, but I've been crunching like a bitch. And playing with my new pink soccer ball. I'm a sad sad person.

But I can't do it. I'm having one before I go to sleep. Hopefully I'll puke my guts up from it and never want to smoke again.

I'm rereading Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice. I think those are my comfort books...when I'm sad or lonely I just pick up my HP and I know I'm home, haha.

I miss Ciaran.

Affectation of candour is common enough.
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[24 May 2006|04:48pm]
I know you want to see pictures.Collapse )
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[13 Apr 2006|08:05pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

I feel like I don't laugh as much as I used to. I don't know what makes me laugh anymore. I can recall one time laughing til I cried this year. I was drunk and high. What's wrong with me?

Every time I think of the Annapolis Convention of 1785 I want to hurt myself. What a stupid thing to leave out of a paper on the Articles of Confederation.

It's stifling in here, especially since we need to shut the windows occasionally to keep the wasps out of our room. That's right, wasps. Two of them were fluttering around outside earlier today, and Ciaran is even wimpier than I am about things that sting.

I've already given away one of my children. And that was for a sandwich. By the time I reproduce, I won't even get to keep any.

This song is amazing.

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[12 Mar 2006|01:10pm]
[ mood | blah ]

A do nothing day is in order.

I plan to:

  • Watch Clerks and other such films that I haven't seen
  • Eat delicious junk food
  • Download an assload of music
  • Probably fall asleep again since I have the ability to sleep for unlimited amounts of time (I never knew I could sleep for 10-12 hours one night and still manage a 3 hour nap the next day...)

    I feel like death, though.
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    I love this song [05 Mar 2006|07:11pm]
    When you grab a hold of me
    Tell me that I’ll never be set free
    But I’m a parasite, creep and crawl I step into the night.
    Two pints of booze
    Tell me are you a badfish too? are you a badfish too?
    Ain’t got no money to spend
    I hope the night will never end
    Lord knows I’m weak
    Won’t somebody get me off of this reef

    Baby you're a big blue whale
    Grab the reef when all duck diving fails
    I swim but I wish I’ve never learned
    The water’s too polluted with germs
    I dive deep when it’s ten feet overhead
    Grab the reef underneath my bed
    It’s underneath my bed
    Ain’t got no quarrels with God ain’t got no time to grow old
    Lord knows I’m weak
    Won’t somebody get me off of this reef

    Ain’t got no quarrels with god. ain’t got no time to get old
    Lord knows I’m weak
    Won’t somebody get me off of this reef
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